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Financial characteristics of cities in the United States, 1905-1930.

JB-011-001-1-2-United States-DPLS-1905

Media Number: 9004

Media Type: SSCC network drive

Internal Label: X:\DISC\Virtual Storage

Comments: This media is assigned to X:\DISC\Virtual Storage. All files are in zip format. Its duplicate copies are DP9002 and DP9003 which are USB flash drives and stored off site.

Position Filename Logical
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Size File
0 0 0 1 0 0 PDF codebook file
  Comments: This archive contains a PDF codebook for JB-011-001-1-2, Financial Characteristics of cities in the United States, 1905-1930. It was created using CDE copier. However, it is not searchable because no OCR was performed when this PDF file was created. OCR is not a feature available from the copier.
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