Appendix E Abbreviations

Wisconsin Children, Incomes, and Program Participation Survey (CHIPPS)

The following abbreviations are used in Appendix E to identify groups of variables (not necessarily in the order of appearance). Also Appendix F shows the frequency distribution of all variables in the data set.

BFPP = business, farm, partnership or professional income

C = custodial case

C/UNMARRD = custodial case, unmarried

C/MARRD = custodial case, still married

C/LEGAL = custodial case, legally divorced/separated

C/LEGAL/SETT = custodial case, legally divorced/separated, assets

CX = custodial case, experiment, x form

CY = custodial case, experiment, y form

C/CSP = custodial case, child support payment

C/OS = custodial case, other support

C-E = custodial case, experiment

CHLD/HI = child health insurance

CSB = child support box

HI = health insurance

HW = husband/wife

HW-E = husband/wife, experiment

HO = how often

HM = how much

IA = informal agreement

LA = legal agreement

MA = multiple adult cases

MA/O = multiple adult cases, other reasons

MA/CWITH = multiple adult cases, child is with whom

NC = noncustodial case

NC/UNMARRD = noncustodial case, unmarried

NC/MARRD = noncustodial case, still married

NC/LEGAL = noncustodial case, legally divorced/separated

NC/LEGAL/SETT = noncustodial case, legally divorced/separated, assets

NCX = noncustodial case, experiment, x form

NCY = noncustodial case, experiment, y form

NC/CSP = noncustodial case, child support payment

NC/OS = noncustodial case, other support

NC-E = noncustodial case, experiment

NV = constructed variables

OA = one adult case

OA/O = one adult case, other reasons

OA/CWITH = one adult case, child is with whom

P = proxy report

PNC = potential noncustodial

PNC/CWITH = potential non-custodial, child is with whom

Q1/V1 = vignette 1(x), vignette 1

Q1/V2 = vignette 1(x), vignette 2

Q1/V3 = vignette 1(x), vignette 3

Q4/V1 = vignette 4(y), vignette 1

Q4/V2 = vignette 4(y), vignette 2

Q5/V1 = vignette 5(y), vignette 1

Q5/V2 = vignette 5(y), vignette 2

Q1/Vig 1 = vignette 1(x), vignette 1

Q1/Vig 2 = vignette 1(x), vignette 2

Q1/Vig 3 = vignette 1(x), vignette 3

R = respondent

RAP = random absent parent

RCP = random custodial parent

RRB = rental, roomer, or boarder income

S = money custodial parent should have received

SP/HI = spouse/partner health insurance

SSI = supplemental security income

SS = social security

WB = wipps box

X = norm/vignettes section, x form

Y = norm/vignettes section, y form