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Milwaukee Study of Civil Disorder, 1967

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This report is based on data from 387 interviews conducted with Milwaukee County residents. For analysis purposes, the county was divided into three parts: (1) the "inner city," the area cordoned off by law enforcement officials (between 1st and 27th streets, Juneau Avenue, and Capitol Drive), an area which includes the black ghetto; (2) the "outer city," the rest of the city of Milwaukee; and (3) the "suburbs," the county outside the city limits.

A probability sample of households was drawn from the Milwaukee City Directory and relevant suburban listings by the Sampling Section of the Wisconsin Survey Research Laboratory. A supplementary block sample was also drawn to check Directory errors that might arise from changing usage of structures since the compilation of the Directory. In order to assure an adequate number of black respondents, a higher sampling rate was utilized for the cordoned-off area and one out of 975 for the remainder of the county.

See Research Methodology - Appendix A (PDF, 84KB) for additional methodology information.

The data set contains information pertaining to the attitudes of Milwaukee residents during the civil disturbances of 1967 with regard to actions taken, opinion of news coverage, opinion of people who took part in the disturbance, opinions concerning the reasons for the disturbances, personal reactions, opinions concerning what should be done to correct the situation, personal opinion toward politicians, personal job information, and background information of those interviewed.

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Milwaukee, Wisconsin

riot, disturbance, civil disorder, inner city, conflict, violence, Milwaukee

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One raw ASCII data file merged from the original card-image version. Logical record length equals 368, number of records (observations) equals 387. Documentation is in hard copy in library, and scanned as two PDF files. Use (free) Adobe Acrobat reader to read PDF files.

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This edition of the Milwaukee Study of Civil Disorder, 1967 was deposited by Jonathan A. Slesinger, University of Wisconsin, with the Data and Program Library Service (now the Data & Information Services Center), University of Wisconsin-Madison for distribution.