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Patterns of Interracial Politics: Conflict and Cooperation in the City of Milwaukee, 1970

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See Study and Sample Design (PDF, 328 KB)  
The dataset contains responses to questions about important problems facing Milwaukee and what the city government is doing about these problems, Presidential and mayoral vote in 1968, degree of political participation, level of political information on government, educational, social welfare programs and officials, knowledge of and participation in CAP, Model Cities, and consumer associations, attendance at meetings, protest activities (types, reasons for, attendance, participation, level of violence, arrests) and their affect on Milwaukee, blacks, US and city governments, community control, educational policies, quality of government in Milwaukee, political action to carry out an objective, black-white relations. Demographic characteristics include length of residency in neighborhood, in Milwaukee, birthplace, age, employment status, participation in city job, family income in 1969, membership in associations, educational attainment, birthplace and nationality of parents, public assistance provided to family, race, sex, age of children, housing unit.  
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Milwaukee, Wisconsin  
interracial politics, protest behavior, political protest, community control, urban political integration, racial elites, political participation, Milwaukee politics, attitude survey, race relations  
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Two raw ASCII data files broken down into a "black sample" and "white sample". Use PDF or hard copy codebooks for variable locations and coding. (The two questionnaires are similar but not identical.) Logical record length for each file is 387. BLACKSMP.DAT has 246 records, and is 94 KB in size. WHITESMP.DAT has 331 records and is 126 KB. The two data files are bundled together and compressed for WWW distribution.  
Cited References:
Eisinger, Peter K. Patterns of Interracial Politics: Conflict and Cooperation in the City, New York: Academic Press, 1976.

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This edition of the Patterns of Interracial Politics: Conflict and Cooperation in the City of Milwaukee, 1970 was deposited at the Data and Program Library Service, University of Wisconsin-Madison for distribution by Peter K. Eisinger University of Wisconsin.

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