Study Description

Population and Agricultural Census Schedules of Polk Township
Washington County, Wisconsin, 1850, 1860

Unique Identification Number:
Original Data Source:
The Seventh and Eighth Decennial Censuses of the United States (1850 and 1860)
Date of Collection:
1850, 1860
Date of Study:
Universe to Which Data Pertain:
Individuals appearing in the population schedule and farm operators present in the agricultural schedules of 1850 and 1860.
Sample Description:
All individuals in 1850 and 1860 for whom a dwelling unit number was provided.  91 individuals for whom no information was provided in 1860 were deleted in the household records for 1860.  Eight farm operators present in 1850 persist to 1860; however, they no longer operate farms in 1860.  Eighty-eight other farmers in 1860 were present in 1850, but not as farm operators.
Number of Data Units:
1850: 1348 individuals, of whom 137 were farmers, 266 households; 1860: 2548 individuals, of whom 313 were farmers, 454 households, 573 persisters; farm persisters (present in 1850 and 1860): 62; persisters as farmers in 1850 only; 8; persisters as farmers in 1860 only: 88.
Number of Variables:
individual level: 75; household level: 23
Structure of Data:
13 fixed formatted files
Abstract of Content:
Data coded directly from the manuscript censuses include: dwelling number, name of individual, age, sex, race, occupation, value of real estate, value of personal estate, place of birth, place of birth of parents, birth within the year, school attendance, literacy, handicapped, post office address, acres of improved or unimproved land, cash value of farm, value of farm implements and machinery, livestock, value of livestock, produce (types), value of orchard products, value of home manufactures, value of animals slaughtered.  Other data derived from original information include persistence, relationship to head of household, persons in each household, males and females per household, sex of persisters or non-persisters in each household, location of household in village or rural area.
United States, historical census, persistence, occupational mobility, 1850, 1860, Polk Township, Washington County, Wisconsin