Study Description

French Old Regime Bureaucrats: Intendants de Province, 1661-1790

TITLE: French Old Regime Bureaucrats: the Intendants de Province (1661-1790)

STUDY NUMBER: JA-502-001-1-1-France-DPLS-1661

ORIGINATING ORGANIZATION OR RESEARCHER: Professor John A. Armstrong, Department of Political Science, University of Wisconsin

DPLS SOURCE: John A. Armstrong; collected from Charles Boyer de Sainte-Suzanne, Le Personnel Administratif sous l'Ancien Regime (Paris: 1868); and L'Administration sous l'Ancien Regime: Les Intendants de la Generalite d'Amiens (Picardie et Artois) (Paris: 1865). Pierre Clement (ed.). Lettres, Instructions et Memoires de Colbert, Vol. II (Paris: 1863). Charles Godard, Les Pouvoirs des Intendants sous Louis XIV, Particulierement dans les Pays d'Elections de 1661 a 1715 (Paris: 1901). Pavel Ardashev, Les Intendants de Province sous Louis XIV (Paris: 1909). Vivian Gruder, The Royal Provincial Intendants (Ithaca: 1968). All of the above contain extended lists of intendants: in addition, monographic sources on particular provinces, biographies, etc., were utilized.

DATES OF STUDY OR DATA COLLECTION: Data relate to administrative elites for the years 1661-1770, with a limited amount of biographical information before these dates. Data were coded and punched in 1969-1970.

UNIVERSE TO WHICH DATA PERTAIN: Intendants de Province serving during the years 1661-1790.

NUMBER OF DATA UNITS: 377 Intendants


REFERENCE MATERIALS: Codebook, documentation, listing, and article "Old Regime Governors Bureaucratic and Patrimonial Attributes:" Comparative Studies in Society and History 14(1) January 1972 pp. 2-29, by John Armstrong.

CONDITION OF DATA: As collected by John A. Armstrong and cleaned in the process of analysis.

ABSTRACT OF CONTENT: The data file contains the names of Intendants and periods of incumbency in different intendances (provinces). In about 20% of the cases, years of birth, years of death, and years of entry to official service (becoming Maitre des Requetes) are also given.

CLASSIFICATION: Unrestricted after December 31, 1972.

TYPE OF SAMPLING PROCEDURE: Saturation sample, estimated 92% of the universe.