French Old Regime Bureaucrats: Intendants de Province, 1661-1790


Column    Information
1-31      Name
32-34     Birth date*
35-37     Year of Entry to Service (MR)**
38-40     Year of Death
41-42     Code for Area of 1st Term as Intendant
43-45     Year Begin First Term
46-48     Year End First Term
49-50     Code for Area of 2nd Term as Intendant
51-53     Year Begin Second Term
54-56     Year End Second Term
57-58     Code for Area of 3rd Term as Intendant
59-61     Year Begin Third Term
62-64     Year End Third Term
65-66     Code for Area of 4th Term as Intendant
67-69     Year Begin Fourth Term
70-72     Year End Fourth Term
73-74     Code for Area of 5th Term as Intendant
75-77     Year Begin Fifth Term
78-80     Year End Fifth Term

*For all dates, only the last three numerals are punched. Thus, 1691 would be punched 691. Missing data and data not applicable to particular individuals are designated by blanks on the cards.
**Maitre de Requetes.

01 Aix (Provence)*
02 Alencon
03 Alsace (Strasbourg)
04 Amiens (Picardie, Artois)
   Anjou (see Tours)
05 Auch (Bearn-Bordeaux)
06 Aunis (Rochelle)
   Auvergne (see Riom)
   Bayonne (see Bern)
07 Bearn-Navarre (Pau)
   Berry (see Bourges)
08 Besancon (Bourgogne-France Comte)
09 Bourdeaux
10 Bourges
11 Bourgogne-D. (Dijon-Duche)
12 Bretagne (Rennes)
13 Caen
14 Chalons (Champagne)
15 Champagne Frontiere
16 Corse
   Dauphine (see Grenoble)
   Dijon (see Bourgogne-Duche)
   Dunquerque (see Flandre Maritime)
17 Flandre (Lille)
18 Flandre Maritime (Dunquerque)
19 Grenoble (Dauphine)
20 Hainaut
   Ile de France (see Paris)
21 Languedoc (Montpellier)
   Lille (see Flandre)
22 Limoges
   Lorraine (see Metz)
23 Luxembourg
24 Lyon
25 Maubeuge
26 Metz (Lorraine)
27 Montauban
   Montpellier (see Languedoc)
28 Moulins
29 Nancy
30 Nice
31 Orleans
32 Oudenarde
33 Paris
   Pau (see Bearn)
   Picardie (see Amiens)
   Perpignan (see Roussillon)
34 Poitiers
   Provence (see Aix)
   Rennes (see Bretagne)
35 Riom (Auvergne)
   Rochelle (see Aunis)
36 Rouen
37 Roussillon (Perpignan)
38 Saarre
   Saintonge (see Aunis)
39 Sedan
40 Soissons
   Toulouse (see Languedoc)
41 Tours (Anjou)
42 Valenciennes

* Place names are listed alphabetically above. Those without numbers are referred to alternative (but numbered) names.