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Study of American Families, 1994

The 1994 Study of American Families (SAF), conducted at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, is a telephone survey of randomly selected siblings of respondents to the 1994 General Social Survey (GSS). Because the SAF replicated nearly all GSS items (and added many more), researchers can combine the GSS and SAF data to study patterns of sibling resemblance in socioeconomic, attitudinal, family, cognitive ability, and other outcomes. Support for the SAF came from the Sociology Program of the National Science Foundation. For more information about the data set, see the study description.

Online data analysis of the Study of American Families 1994 data is available through the BADGIR archive with Nesstar software.  To analyze the data using BADGIR, users must be registered and have received an e-mail confirmation (first-time users may visit the BADGIR registration page to register). To view documentation and univariate statistics in BADGIR, no registration is needed.

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