Study Description

Ethnicity of Students and Staff in Wisconsin Public Schools, 1974-75

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This numeric data file contains information on the ethnic background of students, professional staffs, and non-professional staffs in Wisconsin public schools, 1974-1975. The survey was originally required by sections 115.30 and 120.18 of the Wisconsin Statutes. The data were intended to monitor compliance with affirmative action and desegregation, and to plan programs in bilingual and bicultural education.
Data were collected via a written survey distributed by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction, with responses due in October 1974. The survey instrument is available in the online codebook (PDF file, 404KB).
Technical Note:
The State Historical Society of Wisconsin converted the original data from packed IBM decimal to standard alphanumeric character storage mode.
Data Format:
Rectangular flat ASCII data file, 2,309 logical records
One codebook file (PDF)
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Ethnicity, race, racial, Wisconsin, public schools, students, teachers, affirmative action