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Census and property survey of the diocese of Florence, Italy, 1427


Col.       Width          Variable Name

1-2             2         Series Number. Add 50 to the number of the episcopal
                                             city in the secular returns. (See Appendix C, Note,l)

3-6             4         Household Number. Numbered consecutively, beginning
                                            with the episcopal parish, followed by those in the

7-8                       ? (Not used)

9-11            3         Location Code.
					100 -  return entered in episcopal parish; quarter
						(area divided into quarters) unknown.
					101  - episcopal parish, quarter 1
					102  - episcopal parish, quarter 2
					103  - episcopal parish, quarter 3
					104  - episcopal parish, quarter 4
						(codes 101 to 104 following same order as
						in secular returns)
					105  - return entered in episcopal parish; geo-
						graphically located in a contado parish.
					 106  - return entered in episcopal parish; geo-
						graphically located in another diocese.
					201  - contado parishes, follow order in the
					202    Sommario.

12-41          30         Name.    (See Appendix C, Note 2)

42-47           6         Volume   and Pages. From Campioni usually; from
				Sommario when there is no return. (See Variable
				 Kind,  Col. 48)

48              1         Kind.
					1    - not used
					2    - as in secular returns; take preference over
						Codes 5 through 8.
					3    - same as Code 2
					4    - not used
				    5    - exempt (entered in a "libro degli esenti")
					6    - listed in Sominario, but without an assessment
						for the 1427-30 Catasto; no Campione.
					7    - more than one institution included. (In same
						location is another church but still in same
					8    - associated with, included in or governed by
						the preceding institution (Card following the
						institution receives an "8" if it is associated
						with said institution.) (Churches or affiliated
						institutions in parish which are [sub... I to
						the major parish church.)

						Order of Preference: 6, 8, 5, 7

49             1          House.
					1   -  not used
    				2   -  not used
					3   -  not used
					4   -  not used
					5   -  individual members are entered below as
                                 		in secular returns, (returns not associated
                     				with the church).
                                   	6   -  total bocche only in columns 9-11 below
                                        	(right justified).  Number appearing furthest
                                   		to right, no information except number of
                                           	individual church, 'canons, monks
						(See Appendix C, Note 3)

50             1          Animals, as in secular returns. (See Appendix A)

51             1          Immigration, not used.

52                        ?

53-54          2          Occupation. Code for the type of institution, as
				shown in Appendix B.

55-59          5          Investments. As in secular returns. Also include
				bequests, income from other ecclesiastical institu-
				tions and censi.  Exclude tithes, "rendita dell'
				altare", botteghe, mills.

60-64          5          Monte, as in secular returns. (Public Debt)

65-70          6          Total value of all assets (includes private and
				public investments and the value of real property
				with the house deducted). (See Appendix C, Note 4)

71-75          5          Deductions (total value of deductions (debts
				and charges) calculated in the document).

76-80          5          Tax (taxable fortune - gives the total value of
				the taxable fortune less the deductions).
                		(See Appendix C, Note 5)

               			For columns 65-80, the Campioni was followed; the
                              	Somnario was indicated to be frequently in error.

Appendix A

Codes for Ownership of Animals

  • 1 Owner of cattle
  • 2 Renter of Cattle
  • 3 Owns and rents cattle
  • 4 Owns only small beasts
  • 5 Owns beasts of burden (and possibly small beasts)

Appendix B

Code for Type of Institution

  • 01 - Vescovo
  • 02 - Calonica
  • 03 - Prebenda
  • 04 - Cappella, Altare
  • 05 - Compagnia
  • 06 - Prioria
  • 07 - Chiesa - church
  • 08 - Oratoria
  • 09 - Commanderia
  • 10 - Ospedale - hospital
  • 11 - Convento, Monistero
  • 12 - Pieve
  • 13 - Sagrestia - vestry
  • 14 - Opera - commissions, etc. by church to take care of material welfare of church, usually lay individual
  • 15 - Capitolo (avoid if possible; "Capitolo della Calonica" - Calonica which is 02)

When the type of institution is not stated in the Catasto, it is assumed to be a chiesa (07).

Follow the Catasto in assigning the proper designation. For example, if what the Catasto refers to as a chiesa is a prioria in other sources, code it as a chiesa.

Appendix C

Notes from the Principal Investigators

Note 1

The code for the Diocese of Florence or Florentine Diocese is 51.

The unit of analysis is the institution.

The number of observations is 1,211 (churches, monasteries, etc. associated with the parish). Please note that this number has not been verified by the Data and Program Library Service.

Note 2

For name, leave no blank spaces between letters. Abbreviate San, Santo, Santa, Santi as "S". Place-names are preceded by "a", not "da"; "di'' and "in" are used only when this is the standard usage.



"Convento dei Ftati di S. Agostino" is entered as "Frati di S. Agostino", not "S. Agostino". Omit the names of holders of prebends, since these frequently are different in the Campioni and Sommario. Also leave this space blank when the Catasto does not give a name to the institution, such as "compagnia in detta pieve".

Note 3

When the ages of only some of the members are given, use House 5 and code them as with secular returns. Then, on the last card, put a 6 in position 79 and enter the total bocche in spaces 9-11 on the next card.

Follow Campione, not Portata, in case of a difference in number of bocche.

For the diocese of Florence, the bocche of monasteries, convents and hospitals were included. Position in household:

  • 01 - abbot, abbess, spedalingo
  • 02 - frate, suora
  • 21 - converso, conversa

Servants and others not included, except when the return does not differentiate between them (e.g., "fra frati e famiglia 23"). For hospitals, information concerning only the spedalingo and his wife is included,, and this only when their ages are stated.

Note 4

Variable Name: Value of Private Investments
The value of private investments is given in florins rounded off to the nearest florin. This includes all commercial investments and loans excluding the value of animals and slaves.

Note 5

Variable Name: Tax
The special deduction for household members, allowed in the cities of Florence and Pisa are not, however, included here. The figure represents only deductions allowed everywhere in the Floren- tine domains.

Note 6

Place a star (*) in the left-hand margin of the coded form for any institution, such as confraternity or hospital, which is not mentioned at all in the ecclesiastical Sommario, but which is found in the Campioni of guilds, etc. These probably will be found later in another Sommario.

Note 7

In the Somnario for the diocese of Florence, most institutions are given three assessments, as follows:

  • Messer Giov. Vitellesch 1428 folio... Assessment
  • Catasto 1430 folio... Assessment
  • Nuove schritte 1438 folio... Assessment

If the same form is followed in other ecclesiastical Sommari. include a coded form for every institution, even if an assessment is missing for any, or all three, of these dates (See Variable Kind, Code 6). Omit mention of any institution that provides space for only the Nuove schritte of 1438, unless there is evidence from other sources that it did exist at the time of the Catasto of 1427-1430.

Ignore any "agiunti di nuovo".

Omit any institution when the Sommario mentions only a Monte asset, probably of a later date than the Catasto of 1427-1430 ("troviamo in sul monte fl. 000. 11),

Check carefully for duplication.

Appendix D


  • Cecilia, not Cicilia
  • Felicita, not Filicita
  • Pancrazio, not Brancazio
  • Niccolo and Niccolalo (prefer Carapione)
  • Frediano, not Friano
  • Apollinare, not Pulinari
  • Ilario, not Ilari, Ellero
  • Broccolo, not Brocolo
  • Visdomini, not Bisdomini
  • Quirico, not Chirico
  • Ippolito, not lpolito
  • Reparata, not Liperata
  • Gaudenzio, not Godenzo
  • Agnolo, not Angelo
  • Pietro and Piero
  • Salvestro, not Silvestro
  • Cristofano and Cristoforo
  • Mauro, not Moro
  • Sepolcro, not Sipolcro