Study Description

American Catholic Priesthood Survey, 1971

Unique Identification Number: QJ-005-001-2-1-United States-DPLS-1971

Subject Area: Religion

Date of Study: 1971

Geographic Coverage: United States

Descriptors: religion, Catholic Church, priesthood, priests

Bibliographic Citation: American Catholic priesthood survey, 1971. [machine-readable data file] / Schoenherr, Richard A. [principal investigator(s)] / Madison, WI: University of Wisconsin. Data and Information Services Center [distributor].

Access Status: Unlimited access.

Documentation: 1 volume hard copy and 1 duplicate.

Summary: The American bishops commissioned the National Opinion Research Center (NORC) to conduct this comprehensive study of the Catholic priesthood in the United States and of American priests living abroad. The purpose of this study was to determine what priests at this time saw as the past, present, and future role of the priesthood and the Catholic Church in the United States. Scientific probability sampling methods were used to determine who would participate in the study. 5,000 active priests completed the survey, of whom 1,000 priests who had recently resigned from their positions or taken a leave of absence, were sent a slightly amended version of the questionnaire. Some of these former priests and priests on leave of absence were also invited to complete a 'Personal Orientation Inventory'. In June, 1996, this study was made public and freely accessible.

Technical Note: There are four data files associated with this study: They are ACTIVES.DAT, RESIGNEES1.DAT, RESIGNEES2.DAT, and RESIGNEES_OPEN.DAT. These four data files are adequately documented by the codebook. For ACTIVES.DAT Decks 1-14 are as documented on the questionnaire. Deck 15 is the weighting scheme; Deck 16 is the Personal Orientation Index (POI) data. Decks 17-29 are contextual data on the primary sampling units (dioceses). RESIGNEES1.DAT has 16 cards per observation. RESIGNEES2.DAT is identical to RESIGNEES2.DAT in format but without decks 15 and 16. It also has 123 additional observations. RESIGNEES1.DAT has the same record format as ACTIVES.DAT. RESIGNEES_OPEN.DAT has the same data format as RESIGNEES1.DAT for decks 1-10. There is no documentation for Deck 11, which are the responses to the open questions.

Data Format: These data files are in card image format. Each card is 80 columns wide. ACTIVES.DAT has 5475 observation and each observation has 29 cards. RESIGNEES1.DAT has 750 observations and each observation has 16 cards. RESIGNEES2.DAT has 873 observations and each observation has 14 cards. RESIGNEES_OPEN.DAT has 873 observations and each observations has 11 cards.