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The Survey of Economic Expectations (SEE), Waves 1-8, with data from the UW Survey Center's National Survey

Principal Investigators:
Jeff Dominitz and Charles F. Manski

The Survey of Economic Expectations (SEE) is a nationwide survey that examines how Americans in the labor force perceive their near-term economic future. The SEE questions are asked as a periodic module of the WISCON Survey, an ongoing project of the University of Wisconsin Survey Center. The WISCON Survey consists of daily telephone interviews with a nationwide probability sample, including a set of constant core questions about experiences and attitudes, and additional questions such as those in the SEE module. The SEE questions are asked during the May-July and November-January interviewing periods. This dataset includes the SEE interviews from 1994 to 1998, producing a total of 5,423 interviews in eight waves. The data from all of the SEE module questions and most of the WISCON core questions from these eight waves are included.

A research paper accompanies this dataset:
Manski, Charles F. and John D. Straub, "Worker Perceptions of Job Insecurity in the Mid-1990s: Evidence from the Survey of Economic Expectations." Journal of Human Resources 35(2): 447-479, Summer 2000.

Download Manski & Straub (2000), PDF 1.74Mb

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