Study Description

Survey of Food Consumption of Households in the United States, Spring 1955

(Taken in part from the original DPLS Codebook prepared in 1973)

Catalog Number: CA-009-001-USA-DPLS-1955-1

Type of File: Numeric.

Title: Survey of Food Consumption of Households in the United States, Spring 1955.

Bibliographic Citation: Survey of Food Consumption of Households in the United States, Spring 1955 [machine readable data file]. Compiled by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, Agricultural Research Service. Edition prepared by Rueben Buse and Aaron Johnson. 1st DPLS 1967 ed. Madison, WI: Rueben Buse and Aaron Johnson, University of Wisconsin Department of Agricultural Economics [producers], 1967. Madison, WI: University of Wisconsin, Data and Information Services Center [distributor], 1982. 1 data file (6060 logical records).

Originating Organization or Researcher: National Analysts, Incorporated (Philadelphia, Pa.) for the United States Department of Agriculture.

Date of Study or Data Collection: 1955

Universe to Which Data Pertain: Nation-wide survey of household food consumption made in Spring, 1955.

Sample Description: The data were collected on 6,060 households from April to June of 1955. The sample covered the U.S. housekeeping populations of approximately 153 million civilians.

Number of Data Units: 6,060 households.

Technical Notes: The data consist of one rectangular file containing 6,060 records each 2007 characters in length. Note that the first 33 characters of each record consist of the socio-economic data, followed by 42 fields each 47 characters in length. Each of these 42 fields consists of the 4-character code (e.g., -1-- for milk) and data for a food or food group (see the documentation for further information). Non-existent data or zero data is represented by zeros in the respective field. In all cases leading zeros are present.

Reference Material: Original questionnaire, codes for original summary cards M, N, O, and P; description and format (with codes) for DPLS public use tape file, and two rolls of microfilm with record card A from the original data. All of these materials are included with the study documentation.

Summary of Contents: The data are a summary of information obtained in a nationwide survey of U.S. households by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. The survey was designed to provide reliable statistics on food consumption by all housekeeping households in the spring of that year and also for major segments of the population such as houshold grouped by region, urbanization, and income. In addition to fairly detailed information on weekly consumption and expenditures for individual food and food groups, the survey also collected information on the socio-economic characteristics of the household.

Descriptors: Consumers, food consumption, expenditures, socio-economic characteristics, income, tenure, employment, freezer

Classification: Unrestricted.