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Growth of American Families (GAF): Single Women, 1955

This study focuses on attitudes towards fertility and family planning of white single women aged 18 to 24. This sample was part of a larger survey of child-bearing age women, which represented a national inquiry into the determinants of fertility, nature and social location of family planning and its relationship to demographic performance. Due to obvious differences between the two groups, a separate questionnaire was developed for single women. Attitudes toward marriage, contraception, and children, as well as information on peer groups, were collected, along with standard demographic data. The original data were collected in 1955 by the principal investigators and put into machine-readable form by John Modell.

Supplementary Information

Family Ideology and Family Values in the "Baby Boom": A Secondary Analysis of the 1955 Growth of American Families survey of Single Women by John Modell and John Cambell (Minneapolis, MN: Minnesota Family Study Center, 1984); and Rhetoric and Family Building Motives: A Secondary Analysis of the 1955 Growth of American Families Survey of Single Women by Judith Modell (Minneapolis, MN: Minnesota family Study Center, 1984)

See the PDF version of these two reports (4.6MB; also included in online documentation).