Study Description

International News Exposure and National Images in a Third World Setting, 1982

(Taken in part from the original DPLS Codebook prepared in 1984)


Catalog Number: BA-503-001-1-1-VEN-DPLS-1982

Type of File: Numeric.

Title: International News Exposure and National Images in a Third World Setting, 1982.

Bibliographic Citation: International News Exposure and National Images in a Third World Setting, 1982 [machine readable data file]. Principal Investigators, John T. McNelly and Fausto Izcaray. 1st DPLS 1984 ed. Madison, WI: John T. McNellly, University of Wisconsin, School of Journalism, and Barquisimeto, Venezuela: Fausto Izcaray, Universitario Pedagogio Experimental [producers], 1982. Madison, WI: University of Wisconsin, Data and Information Services Center [distributor], 1984. 1 data file (471 logical records).

Originating Organization or Researcher: John T. McNelly, University of Wisconsin School of Journalism, and Fausto Izcaray, Universitario Pedagogio Experimental.

Date of Study or Data Collection: 1982

Universe to Which Data Pertain: Populations of Barcelona and Puerto La Cruz, Venezuela.

Methodology: Personal interviews were conducted with a multi-stage probability sample of 471 persons of both sexes, age 17 and over, in Barcelona and Puerto La Cruz, Venezuela. Barcelona and Puerto La Cruz are two adjoining cities with a total combined urban population of approximately 300,000.

Number of Data Units: 471 persons.

Technical Notes: The data consist of one rectangular file containing five 128-column cards per observation. There are 471 observations, giving a total of 2355 cards.

Reference Material: The Documentation (.pdf, 3.77 MB) includes the codebook and questionnaire (both in Spanish), and the related publication (in English) cited below. The publication begins on page 92 of the documentation file.

Publications: John T. McNelly and Fausto Izcaray, International News Exposure and National Images in a Third World Setting. Paper prepared for presentation for XIVth Conference and General Assembly of the International Association for Mass Communication Research, Prague, Czechoslovakia, August 27-September 1, 1984.

Summary of Contents: Interviews were conducted in a regional urban area in Venezuela to examine both objective and subjective perceptions of nations in various parts of the world: accuracy and inaccuracy; balance and inbalance; and, favorable and unfavorable images of nations are related to mass communication.

Respondents were asked a variety of questions about exposure to media and types of content offered by the media. These included number of days of the week on which people read a newspaper, listened to the radio, and watched television; the names of newspapers and stations; and the amount of attention to various categories of content.

Measures of national images included factual and attitudinal items on six countries, selected to provide regional, developmental, and political contrasts.

Socioeconomic measures included educational level, family income, number of domestic servants, number of appliances in the home, and possession and quality of family automobile. Education was used as a separate variable; the other items were combined into a standard of living index.

Descriptors: International news exposure, national images, media influence, regional media, national media, socioeconomic measures.

Classification: Unrestricted.