The Search for Irish Immigrants Through the Boston Pilot, 1847 and 1848

(format: starting column, length, c=character, var label, var description)
     1  2       c       MM              Month of ad  
     3  2       c       DD              Date of ad
     5  2       c       YY              Year of ad
     7  20      c       SURNAME         Surname of missing person (sought)
    27  20      c       FIRST_M         First name of missing person
    47  1       c       SEXSOUGT        Gender of missing person (m or f)
    48  20      c       MAID_NAM        Maiden name of missing person
    68  20      c       ERLY_MNM        Earlier name used by missing person
    88  20      c       ALIAS           Alias used by missing person
   108  20      c       COUNTY          County of origin in Ireland
   128  25      c       PARISH          Parish of origin
   153  25      c       TOWNLAND        Townland of origin
   178  25      c       BARONY          Barony of origin
   203  25      c       POOR_LAW        Poor-law district of origin
   228  1       c       MULT_LST        More than one person sought in ad (y or blank)
   229  30      c       DESC            Description (e.g., size, hair, marks)
   259  2       c       AGE             Age of person sought
   261  25      c       OCC_IRE         Occupation in Ireland
   286  15      c       OCC_ICOD        Code for occupation
   301  25      c       OCC_NEW         Occupation in U.S.
   326  15      c       OCC_NCOD        Code for U.S. Occupation
   341  20      c       COMPANY         Name of Company worked for
   361  20      c       LOC_WORK        Location of work place (e.g., ma,boston)
   381  1       c       UNION           Member of labor union (y or blank)
   382  20      c       SHIP            Name of ship taken by emigrant
   402  6       c       DATE_LV         Date of leaving Ireland (UK) (e.g., 46/47 or 47)
   408  6       c       DATE_ARR        Date of arrival in North America
   414  20      c       DEST_INT        Reported intended destination in No. America
   434  30      c       OTHER           Any other miscellaneous information
   464  30      c       PORT_DPT        Port of departure from Ireland (UK)
   494  30      c       PORT_ARR        Port of arrival in No. America
   524  20      c       SK_SURNM        Surname of person placing ad
   544  20      c       SK_FIRST        First name of person placing ad
   564  1       c       SEXSEEK         Gender of seeker (m or f)
   565  5       c       SK_REL          Relation of seeker to person being sought (e.g, br, si, hu, fa)
   570  30      c       SK_RES          Place of residence of seeker
   600  20      c       CON_NM          Name of contact person reported in ad
   620  30      c       CON_ADD         Address of contact person
   650  30      c       SK2_NM          Name of second seeker
   680  30      c       SK3_NM          Name of third seeker
   710  28      c       LOC_AFT         First location of sought after emigration
   738  20      c       LOC_AFT2        Second location of sought after emigration
   758  20      c       LOC_AFT3        Third location of sought after emigration
   778  20      c       LOC_AFT4        Fourth location of sought after emigration
   798  20      c       LOC_AFT5        Fifth location of sought after emigration
   818  6       c       REWARD          Reward offered for information (e.g., $10)
   824  1       c       NOTICE          Other papers
   825  30      c       RESP_PRV        Dates of earlier/later ads
   855  10      c       ERLY_AD         Date of earlier/later ads

Note that date fields are typically formatted with year first (e.g., 47/01). The use of "+" after a date (e.g., 47+) means that date was reported as "since" (e.g., "since 1847"). The use of an asterisk means that not all the information could be encoded into the data field due to field length problems. In these cases it is advised that the reader consult the original advertisement if further information is needed. Note also that most of these data are alphabetic in nature as they were received from the principal investigator.