Study Description

Political Elites in Mexico, 1900-1971

Catalog Number: HA-501-001-1-1-Mexico-DPLS-1900

Title: Political Elites in Mexico, 1900-1971

Originating Organization or Researcher: Professor Peter Smith, Department of History, University of Wisconsin-Madison

DPLS Source: Professor Peter Smith

Date of Study or Data Collection: 1969

Universe to which Data Pertains: individuals who occupied national political office in Mexico between 1900 and 1971

Sample Description: almost all members of the country's "power elite" qualifying for inclusion if holding one or more of the following positions: (1) Presidency or Vice Presidency of the Nation; (2) membership in the Presidential Cabinet; (3) membership in the Presidential Subcabinet; (4) Directorship of selected decentralized agencies; (5) Directorship of selected state-supported companies; (6) membership on the Comite Ejecutivo Nacional of the Official Party; (7) Governorship of a State or Territory; (8) membership in the Camara de Senadores; (9) representation or participation in the Sovereign Revolutionary Convention of 1914-1915; (10) membership in the national Camara de Diputados; (11) participation in the Constitutional Congress of 1916-1917; (12) any Ambassadorship or leadership of a diplomatic mission overseas.

Number of Data Units: 6302

Mode of Data Storage: fixed length records for the public use data file.

Reference Materials: codebook; and "The Making of the Mexican Constitution," presented at a meeting of the Mathematical Social Sciences Board at Iowa City, March 1972; "Politics within the Revolution," presented at the annual meeting of the American Historical Association, December 1971 and published in translation in the March 1973 issue of Historia Mexicana; "Continuity and Turnover in the Mexican Political Elite, 1900-1971," presented at the IV International Congress of Mexican Studies, Santa Monica, California, October 1973; "Making It In Mexico: Aspects of Political Mobility Since 1946," presented at the 1974 Annual Meeting of the American Political Science Association, Chicago.

Condition of Data: as received from Professor Smith

Abstract of Content: The data file contains information on the political office holder's sex, birthplace, profession/occupations, military service, data and place of birth and death, father's occupation, education (preparation, length, attainment, specialization, foreign training), travel abroad, intellectual activities (publications, teaching), political affiliation, political offices held and length of stay, activity during the revolution of 1910-1920, geographical entity represented, membership in political and other organizations.

Classification: Unrestricted.