Online Data Archive

National Health Measurement Study (NHMS)

Principal Investigator: Dennis G. Fryback

The National Health Measurement Study (NHMS) surveyed older US adults with a suite of health-related quality-of-life (HRQoL) indexes to allow comparison and cross-calibration of the instruments. These indexes are widely used to evaluate individual and population health, but each index covers the dimensions of health differently and they use questionnaires with different psychometric properties.

Rarely before have two or more of these instruments been included in a single population survey. The NHMS provides an opportunity to directly compare results of multiple HRQoL indexes.

Online data analysis of the NHMS data is available through the BADGIR archive with Nesstar software. To analyze the data using BADGIR, users must be registered and have received an e-mail confirmation (first-time users may visit the BADGIR registration page to register). To view documentation and univariate statistics in BADGIR, no registration is needed.

See also the Health Measurement Research Group web site.

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