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United States Personnel and Funding Resources for Science, Engineering, and Technology:
Survey of Natural and Social Scientists and Engineers, 1972-1978

Conducted for the National Science Foundation

The Surveys of Natural and Social Scientists and Engineers (SNSSE) were biennial longitudinal sample surveys sponsored by the National Science Foundation as part of its Manpower Characteristics System, and conducted by the U. S. Census Bureau. Base year questionnaires were sent to representative samples in the experienced civilian labor force in scientific, engineering, and related occupations. Followup surveys were concerned primarily with updating the educational and work experience data collected in the base year surveys. The surveys were designed to provide data on the characteristics of persons engaged in natural and social science, engineering, or related fields. The data include selected characteristics from the decennial Census of Population and Housing (race, marital status, employment, industry, occupation, income) as well as the full set of data for all of the survey years (age, sex, marital status, family background, military service; formal education and training and/or vocational or technical training histories; and employment history). This data set is also known as the National Surveys of Experienced Scientists and Engineers.

Additional site: Scientists and Engineers Statistical Data System (SESTAT)

Supplementary Information

Survey of Natural and Social Scientists and Engineers, 1972-1978: Technical Notes [Volume II].

This volume, exerpted from an NSF publication entitled "Characteristics of Experienced Scientists and Engineers, 1978. Detailed Statistical Tables", is currently not available in electronic format. If you would like to acquire a print copy of the Technical Notes from DISC (for the cost of photocopying and mailing), please contact us by email or send a request to Data and Information Services Center, 3308 Sewell Social Sciences, 1180 Observatory Drive, Madison, WI, 53706.