Study Description

Survey of Recent Science and Engineering Graduates (SRSEG), 1978

TITLE: Survey of Recent Science and Engineering Graduates, 1978. Also known as the NSF New Entrants Study, 1978.

STUDY NUMBER: AH-008-007-1-1-United States-DPLS-1978

ORIGINATING ORGANIZATION OR RESEARCHER: Conducted by Westat, Inc. and the National Opinion Research Center for the National Science Foundation, Division of Science Resource Studies, Manpower Characteristics Studies Group.

DPLS SOURCE: National Science Foundation..

METHODOLOGY: A fairly complex sample design with extensive stratification, several stages of selection with varying probabilities, and a ratio estimation procedure was utilized. 240 colleges and universities offering a Bachelor's or Master's degree in any of the designated fields of science (mathematics, including computer science and statistics, engineering, biological sciences, agricultural sciences, psychology, social sciences, natural sciences) were drawn based on the proportion of graduates in the various fields and other factors. The Higher Education General Information Surveys (HEGIS) file of the National Center for Higher Education for 1975/1976 was used as the sampling frame. 12 of the 240 schools were excluded from the survey, reducing the sample size to 228. At the second stage, an initial selection of 22,000 graduates was made. The sample size was later increased to 31,300 to take into account the Department of Energy's needs (9,638 with a Bachelor's and 5,455 with a Master's for 1971/1972; 10,318 with a Bachelor's and 5,899 with a Master's for 1975/1976). Nonresponse was primarily due to (1) outdated addresses for the 1971/72 graduates and (2) increase in the sample size for the Master's degree recipients. Cases that were out-of-scope resulted from wrong degree or major, wrong year, out-of-scope countries. The weighting of the sample results was done via a ratio estimate procedure.

SUMMARY OF CONTENTS: This survey is one component of an ongoing study of the quantity and characteristics of U.S. scientific and engineering human resources, initiated by the National Science Foundation in July, 1971. This survey was designed to obtain information on the occupational and educational status of graduates who received a bachelor's or master's degree during the 1971/1972 and 1975/1976 academic years in one of the designated major fields of science. Data are available on education, demographic characteristics, employment, primary work activities, and median salaries earned. There are 14,439 respondents in the file.


DESCRIPTORS: survey, occupation, education, sex, race, ethnicity, work history, salary, natural scientist, social scientist, engineer.

TECHNICAL NOTES: The file is rectangular with a logical record length of 240 characters.

TERMS OF AVAILABILITY: There are no restrictions on access to the public file.

CITED REFERENCES: Results of analyses have been published in various reports issued by the National Science Foundation.

ACKNOWLEDGEMENT OF DONATION: These data were deposited at the DPLS by Morris Cobern, Utilization Studies Group, Division of Science Resource Studies, National Science Foundation, Washington D.C. Funding support for acquisition of the data was provided under a grant (Grant No. SRS-7923292) to the Data and Program Library Service from the Division of Science Resources Studies, National Science Foundation.

ERRATA: Please note that the variable FINAL ADJUSTED WEIGHT which appears in columns 68-73 of Card 3 in the Codebook is blank. These data were inadvertently lost by the producer and are unrecoverable.