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Puerto Rico's Padrones, 1779-1802

Unique Identification Number: AC-505-001-1-1-Puerto Rico-DISC-1779

Bibliographic Citation: Puerto Rico's Padrones, 1779-1802 [machine readable data file]. Scarano, Francisco A. and Katherine J. Curtis [principal investigators] / Data and Information Services Center, University of Wisconsin-Madison [distributors]. <>; ().

Summary of Contents: The series consists of 23 annual censuses spanning the years 1779 to 1802, a collection that for its scope and continuousness is unique among serial sources of Spanish American colonial history. The padrones were born of a 1776 Royal Order requesting viceroys and executives of Capitanías Generales and Gobernaciones, such as Puerto Rico, to prepare reports on population, broken down by social status, race, and sex. The object was the civil population and, therefore, excludes the regular army troops. The series reports the population of whites, Indians, free mulattoes, free blacks, mulatto slaves and black slaves for each of 30 partidos in all 23 years (producing a total of 690 observations). Each socio-racial group was subdivided by sex and an ambiguous "age" criterion, which we have interpreted as the difference between dependent (or minor) status and mayoría de edad (adulthood or full age, which in the Spanish American context was 25 years of age). For each socio-racial group there are four subdivisions: adult males and females, and young males and females.

Geographic Coverage: Puerto Rico

Descriptors: census records, censuses, colonial history, colonialism, culture change, ex-slaves, indigenous populations, municipalities, population characteristics, slave populations, slaves

Technical Notes: Data is in CSV format.

Funding Support: United States Department of Health and Human Services. National Institutes of Health. Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (P30 HD05876).

Publications: Scarano, Francisco A. (1974). "The Puerto Rican Population, 1765-1815: A Statistical Analysis." Unpublished Master's Thesis, Columbia University.

Curtis, Katherine J. & Francisco Scarano. (2011). "Puerto Rico's Population: Padrones, 1779-1802." Latin American Research and Review 46(2), 200-216.

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