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Survey of Changes in Family Finances, 1964

The data file contains variables which measure the size and composition of consumer savings in 1963 in relation to income, net worth, and other characteristics. Variables include saving in eight major types of assets and debt (own home, automobile, business or profession, liquid assets [mainly marketable securities, investment real estate and mortgages], retirement plans, miscellaneous assets consisting largely of assets held in personal trusts, and unsecured debt). Saving in such assets as checking accounts and savings accounts is given by the difference in balances - December 31, 1964 less December 31, 1962. Savings in such assets as real estate and marketable securities is given by purchases less sales during 1963. Demographic characteristics include age of family head, residence of head, number of months head and wife worked for pay in 1963, whether head covered by Social Security, residence of wife, number of other members residing with family, employment status, housing status, size of housing unit, education of head, race of head, region of country.

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  • Survey of Financial Characteristics of Consumers.
    By Dorothy S. Projector and Gertrude S. Weiss. Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System Technical Paper published August, 1966. Library of Congress Catalog Number 66-61695.
  • Survey of Changes in Family Finances
    By Dorothy S. Projector. Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System Technical Paper published November, 1968. Library of Congress Catalog Number 68-61274.

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