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Governmental Units Analysis Data, 1960: Urban Racial Disorders, 1961-1968

The data file Governmental Units Analysis Data, 1960: Urban Racial Disorders, 1961-1968, produced by Seymore Spilerman, Department of Sociology, University of Wisconsin-Madison, consists of individual riot and riot summary information for civil disorders which occurred between 1961 and 1968 in cities with a 1960 population exceeding 25,000.

Online data analysis of the Urban Racial Disorders 1961-68 data is available through the BADGIR archive with Nesstar software.  To analyze the data using BADGIR, users must be registered and have received an e-mail confirmation (first-time users may visit the BADGIR registration page to register). To view documentation and univariate statistics in BADGIR, no registration is needed.

Supplementary Information

Appendix B. "The Causes of Racial Disturbances: A Comparison of Alternative Explanations"

Appendix C. "The Causes of Racial Disturbances: Tests of An Explanation"

These volumes are currently not available in electronic format. If you would like to acquire a print copies of these volumes from DISC (for the cost of photocopying and mailing), please contact us by email or send a request to Data and Information Services Center, 3308 Sewell Social Sciences, 1180 Observatory Drive, Madison, WI, 53706.

* For another study on a similar topic, please see the Milwaukee Study of Civil Disorder, 1967.