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Governmental Units Analysis Data, 1960: Urban Racial Disorders, 1961-1968

Unique Identification Number: JB-004-002-USA-DPLS-1960-1

Type of File: Numeric

Bibliographic Citation: Governmental Units Analysis Data, 1960: Urban Racial Disorders, 1961-1968 [machine readable data file]. Principal investigator, Seymour Spilerman. 1st DPLS ed. 1970. Madison, WI: Seymour Spilerman, University of Wisconsin, Department of Sociology [producer], 1970. Madison, WI: University of Wisconsin, Data and Information Services Center [distributor], 1970. 2 data files (676, 676 logical records), plus accompanying documentation.

Methodology: The data were coded for 1961-1966 from the Congressional Quarterly's "Civil Disorder Chronology", Special report #36, 1967 and from the New York Times Index; for 1967 from Brandeis University Lemberg Center's unpublished tabulation of 1967 disorders (1968) and the report of the National Advisory Commission on Civil Disorders (footnotes to Chapter II); for 1968 from the Lemberg Center's Riot Data Review (Nos. 1-3); and for the last four months of 1968 from the New York Times Index.

Summary of Contents: The study consists of individual riot and riot summary information for civil disorders which occurred between 1961 and 1968 in cities with a 1960 population exceeding 25,000. The data cover disorders with at least 30 participants, which displayed some violence or destruction of property and which were not focused upon institutional conflicts (disorders in schools or union halls, for example). The disorders arose in a protest context (such as civil rights demonstration) or were spontaneous in origin. Up to 28 riots were coded for each city. Data for each individual riot include date, number of days of rioting and type of origin. The total number of riots and the number characterized by black aggression (broken down by year in the riot summary data) and are available for each city. Data are available for 674 cities.

Geographic Coverage: United States

Descriptors: riot, racial disorder, civil disorder, race, urban, violence, protest.

Technical Notes: The individual riot and riot summary data are in two files, each with a rectangular file format, 676 logical records and a record length of 80 characters. There are one or two records per city depending on the number of riots. The files are hardware and software independent.

Terms of Availability: There are no restrictions on access to the public use files. Copies of the data and documentation can be obtained from Data and Information Services Center, 3308 Sewell Social Science Bldg., University of Wisconsin-Madison, Madison, Wisconsin 53706 USA.

Cited References: Results from these data are reported in two papers by Seymour Spilerman: "The Causes of Racial Disturbances: A Comparison of Alternative Explanations" (American Sociological Review 35 (1970): 627-649) and "The Causes of Racial Disturbances: Tests of an Explanation" (American Sociological Review 36 (1971): 427-442).