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Slave Ships of Eighteenth Century France, 1748-1756, 1763-1792

Compiled by Philip D. Curtin
University of Wisconsin, Madison, Wisconsin

From Pere Dieudonne Rinchon
Le trafic negrier, l'organisation commerciale de la traite des noirs
(Bruxelles, Nantes, Paris: Editions Atlas, 1938, 248-305)
DPLS ed. 1968
ISBN 0-89605-24-6

This site provides access to the raw data and documentation which contains information on slave ships of eighteenth century France from 1748-1756 and 1763-1792. Specifically, the data file contains information on the date ship sailed, tonnage, size of crew, site of slave purchase, number of slave bought, size of slave sale in America, number of slaves sold, date ship returned to port, and number of deceased crew members. For more information, please read the Study Description and consult the Online Codebook.

Online data analysis through the BADGIR archive with Nesstar software.  To analyze the data using BADGIR, users must be registered and have received an e-mail confirmation (first-time users may visit the BADGIR registration page to register). To view documentation and univariate statistics in BADGIR, no registration is needed.

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