Study Description

Wisconsin County-Level Historical Data, 1840-1960

(Taken in part from the original DPLS File Inventory sheet prepared in 1969)

Catalog Number: AC-002-001-1-USA-DPLS-1840-1

Type of File: Numeric.

Title: Wisconsin County-Level Historical Data, 1840-1960.

Bibliographic Citation: Wisconsin County-Level Historical Data, 1840-1960 [machine readable data files]. Compiled by the State Historical Society of Wisconsin. 1st DPLS 1969 ed. Madison, WI: Data and Program Library Service [producer], 1969. Madison, WI: University of Wisconsin, Data and Information Services Center [distributor], 1969. 7 data files (logical records vary).

Originating Organization or Researcher: State Historical Society of Wisconsin.

Date of Study or Data Collection: 1840-1960.

Universe to Which Data Pertain: State of Wisconsin, USA, counties, 1840-1960.

Geographic Focus: Wisconsin, USA.

Technical Notes: Each data file is rectangular, but the number of records varies by the number of counties and years for which data are available. The banking file contains data organized by bank type within county-year, thus there may be as many as three bank records by county-year in the file (state banks, national banks, and private banks). Record structure is fixed length, containing geographic-year identification information, and then data items unique to the particular file. Sort sequence has counties in alphabetic order beginning in 1840 and continuing through 1960, except for the banking file, where bank type (national, state, or private) is organized by county-year.

Reference Material: User manual includes complete codebook.

Abstract: These historical statistics were compiled as an aid to authors of the six-volume History of Wisconsin being directed and edited in the Research division of the State Historical Society of Wisconsin and as a general service to scholars in Wisconsin history. The statistics are organized into two series, economic and demographic. The economic series includes agriculture, banking, and manufacturing files. The demographic series includes general demographic information, age, incorporated cities and villages, and country of origin files.

Descriptors: demography, history, economics, manufacturing, banking, agriculture, ethnicity, nativity, finances.

Demographic Variables: bank establishments, capital investment, cost of materials, number of wage earners, wages by sex, wages, annual value of products, value added by manufacture, type of bank, number of banks, cash in vault, reserves, loans and discounts, investments, financial assets, real property, demand deposits and circulation, deposits, liabilities, capital account, net worth, farm units, improved acres, value per acre, managers owners, tenants, animal stock, livestock production, agricultural production by product, population, voting age population, parentage, race, incorporated places by size, incorporated places by population, country-of-origin, ethnicity.

Sponsor or Funding Agency: Wisconsin History Foundation and the Graduate School of the University of Wisconsin-Madison USA.

Project and Data Gathering Responsibility: Archives and Manuscripts and Research Divisions of the State Historical Society of Wisconsin, Madison, Wisconsin 53706.

Classification: Unrestricted.