The Economic Censuses, conducted every five years by the Bureau of the Census, provide information on the structure and functioning of the United States economy. The Censuses present a complete, detailed picture of the economic sectors covered from the national to the local level, encompassing approximately 12.4 million establishments. Data in the 1987 census are reported based on Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) codes. Economic censuses describe such composite measures as the gross national product, input-output measures, production and price indexes, and other statistical series that measure short-term changes in economic conditions.

Economic Censuses include:

Special programs also cover enterprise statistics and minority-owned and women-owned businesses. A Census of Agriculture and Census of Governments are taken separately. Information is collected using mail questionnaires and data from the administrative records of other government agencies.


Publications of the 1987 census of retail trade, service industries, and manufactures containing data on establishments in the United States, and publications of the 1987 Census of Agriculture are available from any Department of Commerce district office or from Data User Services Division, Customer Services, Bureau of the Census, Washington, DC 20233.
o Guide to the 1987 Economic Censuses and Related Statistics.
Information on scope, coverage, classification system, data items, and publications for each of the economic censuses and related surveys.
o History of the 1987 Economic Censuses.
Information on the methodology, procedures, and history of the censuses.