American Housing Survey 2011, Now in American FactFinder

On January 3, the U.S. Census Bureau announced that the American Housing Survey (AHS) for 2011 has been added to the online American FactFinder data access tool.

The AHS includes the following topics:  plumbing and source of water and sewage disposal; housing problems; householder’s satisfaction with home and neighborhood; value, purchase price and type of mortgage; recent home improvement activity and costs; safety features and potential health hazards; features in home providing accessibility to people with disabilities; and socio-economic characteristics of the householder. Statistics are national-level only and are provided for apartments, single-family homes, manufactured housing, new construction and vacant housing units.  Topics new to the housing survey include safety features, potential health hazards and features providing accessibility to people with disabilities.

Some highlights from the AHS on the nation’s 115 million occupied homes:

  • The median year these homes were built was 1974, with owner-occupied units being slightly newer (1976 compared with 1972 for renter-occupied).
  • The median size of single-family detached and mobile home units is 1,800 square feet, with owner-occupied units being larger (1,800 square feet) than renter-occupied ones (1,300 square feet). Newly constructed units are also usually larger, with a median size of 2,200 square feet.
  • Most homes have three or more bedrooms (64 percent). New homes (those built in the last four years) generally have more bedrooms, with 74 percent of them having three or more.
  • About half the homes (52 percent) have two or more bathrooms. Again, new units have more bathrooms, with 83 percent of them having two or more.
  • More than eight in 10 units have a washing machine (83 percent) and clothes dryer (81 percent).
  • About two-thirds of the units (66 percent) have central air-conditioning and another 22 percent have window units – new units are more likely to have central air-conditioning (87 percent).

To browse the new AHS 2011 data in American FactFinder, click the Topics search option, expand the Dataset menu item, and select 2011 American Housing Survey — or use this direct link to the AHS Dataset Tables in American FactFinder.

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