Online Headlines: Without Key Jobs Data, Markets And Economists Left Guessing

Though the Bureau of Labor Statistics website remains online on Day 4 of the U.S. federal government partial shutdown, the last update to the site was made on September 30.  The Department of Labor announced on Thursday that the monthly Employment Situation data release for September 2013 would not be issued as scheduled on October 4, and that an alternative release has not been scheduled.  NPR reports:

Stock investors and business journalists unite each month for one shared, suspenseful moment — the 8:30 a.m. release of the Labor Department’s employment report.

The unveiling of the report — so rich with data on job creation, unemployment, wages and hours — can be counted upon to set off a tsunami of tweets. Economists jump in with instant analysis and politicians fire off press releases with reactions.

That market-moving report was due this Friday.

But it won’t come out — leaving Federal Reserve policymakers, investors and job seekers scratching their heads about labor-market conditions.

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