Sources for Federal Data During the Shutdown

For multiple U.S. Bureaus and Agencies:

  • ProQuest Statistical Datasets (UW-Madison subscription)
    • Provides access to statistical information produced by U.S. federal agencies, states, private organizations, and major intergovernmental organizations. Information available in tabular and graphical form; tables and graphs can be reformatted in a variety of ways.
  • Statistical Abstract of the United States (UW-Madison subscription)
    • Publication summarizing statistics on the social, cultural, political, and economic organization of the United States. It includes a selection of data from many statistical publications, both government and private.
  • Quandl
    • Selected datasets from multiple agencies; number of holdings varies greatly from one agency to another.

In the absence of the U.S. Census Bureau sites:

In the absence of

Still online:

The Bureau of Labor Statistics website is up, but not being updated.   The Wall Street Journal offers advice on How to Track the Economy During a Government Shutdown

Archives of federal websites may be available via the Wayback Machine (though access is slow and not all data applications work):

The above information summarized from discussions on the IASSIST listserv.

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