UK Data Service Announces 1961 & 1971 Microdata Sample Release

The UK Data Service is an organization that provides access to a large collection of socio-economic data from the United Kingdom, for the purposes of teaching and research. Data types include quantitative, qualitative, multimedia, and non-digital material from a variety of public and private sources. The service recently made two new microdata samples, taken from the 1961 and 1971 UK censuses, available to the public. These samples include data about a variety of individual and household characteristics that were present during these census periods. This data is anonymous in that it does not identify individuals or households. It is useful because it allows researchers to examine unique combinations of socio-demographic characteristics and to customize their statistical analyses. The smaller sample sizes (.95%, 1%, & 5% of the census sample) are openly accessible to the public; a larger sample size (9%) is available through a restricted/secure access.

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