Argentine Election of 1946 and Census of 1947: raw and transformed datasets – August 10, 2018

Another research study from Dr. Peter Smith is now available in the online archive at The Data and Information Services Center (DISC):

Argentine Election of 1946 and Census of 1947: raw and transformed datasets (Peter Smith, Principal Investigator)

This study contains election and census data which includes voter participation variables, variables to measure geographical mobility, number of landholdings, hectares in use, number of tenant farmers, predominant rural production, number of employees, salaries and wages. Land tenure data (number of holdings) and type of industrial activity, level of urbanization, and immigration variables are also available.

The study was initially deposited at the Data and Program Library Service (which later became DISC) in September of 1969 by Dr. Peter Smith, a history professor at the University of Wisconsin- Madison during that time. Until 1998, access to the data files and documentation was restricted- users were required to obtain permission directly from Dr. Smith. After 1998, the study was accessible to users by request.

As of August 2018, users are now able to access all study documentation (e.g. codebook, data files, explanatory notes) online; a free registration is required in order to download data files. The codebook is available in PDF format. Data files include both raw and transformed datasets; the transformed dataset contains percentage variables created from the raw data. Datasets are available in raw ASCII, Stata, and SPSS file formats, with the corresponding command files and data dictionaries.

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