Financial Characteristics of Cities in the United States, 1905-1930 – September 5, 2018

The following research study is now available in the online archive of the Data and Information Services Center (DISC):

Financial Characteristics of Cities in the United States, 1905-1930 (Christopher Curran, Principal Investigator)

Data was collected in the summer of 1969 from volumes of the following U.S. Bureau of the Census publications: Statistics of Cities Having a Population Over 30,000 and Financial Statistics of Cities Having a Population Over 30,000. Statistics were then compiled in order to describe the pattern of financial transactions in U.S. cities for the period 1905-1930, as part of an examination of regional and population differences.

Variables in this research study include: population, non-government costs, interest charges, public service enterprise payments, general government expenses, protection expenses, health expenses, sanitation expenses, highway expenses, charity, hospital and correction expenses, education expenses, recreation expenses, miscellaneous expenses, general government outlays, health outlays, sanitation outlays, charity, hospital, and correction outlays, education outlays, recreation outlays, miscellaneous outlays, public service enterprise outlays, non-revenue receipts, general property taxes, special taxes, poll taxes, business taxes, special assessments, fines, forfeits, and escheats, subventions and grants, highway privileges, rent revenue, interest revenue, miscellaneous revenues, public service enterprise revenue.

This study was initially deposited at the Data and Program Library Service (which later became DISC) in 1979 by Christopher Curran, an economics professor at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia. Since then, data files and documentation for the study have been available by request only.

As of September 2018, users are now able to access all study documentation (e.g. codebook, data files) online; a free registration is required in order to download data files. The codebook is available in PDF format. The dataset is available in raw ASCII, Stata, and SPSS file formats, with the corresponding command files and data dictionaries.

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