May 10, 2011

CSSRR Sociology–May 10, 2011

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University of Queensland [Australia] Institute for Social Science Research Employment Opportunity: “Postdoctoral Research Fellowships at the Institute for Social Science Research, The University of Queensland, Australia.” “The Institute for Social Science Research (ISSR) invites applications for a number of Postdoctoral Research Fellowships in 2012, to be awarded to early career researchers wishing to conduct full-time research.” For more information (.pdf format, 1p.). see:


March 29, 2011

CSSRR Health/Sociology–March 29, 2011

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Minnesota Population Center Employment Opportunities. MPC has recently announced several employment opportunities.


January 18, 2011

CSSRR Sociology–January 18, 2011

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International Union for the Scientific Study of Population Job Announcements: The Job Announcements page has been updated through Jan. 10, 2011.


October 6, 2010

CSSRR Sociology–October 6, 2010

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London [UK] School of Economics and Political Science Employment Opportunity: “Lecturer in Population Studies/Demography” (application deadline, Oct. 26, 2010). For more information see:


October 5, 2010

CSSRR Economics/Health/Sociology–October 5, 2010

Swiss National Centre of Competence in Research Employment Opportunities: “When not specified, the working place is either the University of Geneva or Lausanne.

Deadline: 15 October 2010

28 doctoral positions
in sociology, social psychology, psychology, socioeconomics,
political science or related fields (positions up to 4 years)

The new Swiss National Centre of Competence in Research LIVES on Life Course and Vulnerability starting the 1st of December 2010 offers a number of positions to outstanding doctoral students in the field of social sciences.

We analyse stressful life conditions, individual resources and their activation, and well-being outcomes. Our aim is to combine advanced interdisciplinary basic research with efficient social policy interventions in order to contribute to a sustainable societal environment for human development. We offer to 28 doctoral students to be part of one or more research projects within LIVES, to receive an advanced theoretical background in life course research and an intensive training in longitudinal methodology, and of course to develop a personal doctoral project within a vibrant team. The scope of the new centre is interdisciplinary and stimulates doctoral students to search for international experiences.

Requirements :

The ideal candidates will have an interest in one or more of the following areas : migration ; transition to adulthood; life course trajectories and methodology ; social policies; family and intergenerational relationships; gender studies ; stratification with strong interest in methodology ; education, labour market and career (1 position on career research at University of Lausanne or Fribourg) ; labour market programs evaluation with solid knowledge in micro-econometrics; wellbeing stress processes (1 position is located in Bern requiring a master degree in (clinical) psychology, and an interest in divorce and separation); social inequalities, gerontology, social networks and social participation; statistics or programming applied to empirical social science.

Interest in quantitative and/or qualitative methods is required, some experience is an advantage.

Languages: Proficiency in English is necessary, communication skills in more than one Swiss national language is desirable.

Starting date: 1st of January 2011 or to be agreed on

Contract duration : 2 up to 4 years

Please send a curriculum vitae and a motivation letter specifying your main interest area(s) to Mme Doris Hanappi by mail to:


August 31, 2010

CSSRR Economics/Sociology–August 31, 2010

United Nations Careers: Deadline for Applications is Sep. 19, 2010, with examinations to be held Dec. 1, 2010. For more information see:


July 19, 2010

CSSRR Sociology–July 19, 2010

Demography funding opportunities: Applications are invited for up to 10 new appointments (pre-doc, post-doc to senior scientist) as part of launching the new “Wittgenstein Centre for Demography and Global Human Capital” which is being made possible by the substantial research funding associated with the Wittgenstein Prize (the highest Austrian science prize – also called the “Austro Nobel”) which was recently won by Wolfgang Lutz as the first social scientist in the history of this award. The new centre will rest on three pillars (the Vienna Institute of Demography, the World Population Program of IIASA and the WU – Vienna University of Economics) and aims at merging the existing strengths in the Vienna area in the fields of demography, human capital formation and analysis of the returns to education in order to establish a globally leading centre in this field. The main goal of the Centre is to improve the analytical toolbox and the empirical data base for our understanding of the role of human capital (people and their changing structure by age, gender, place of residence, level of education, health status and cognitive skills) vis a vis financial and natural capital in our strive for sustainable development. The focus of the new Centre is global and the working language is English. Anybody with academic credentials and/or serious aspirations in this field is encouraged to apply. Appointments will be made through one of the three “pillar” institutions (doctoral students will receive their degree from the WU-Vienna). The deadline for a first round of recruiting is 25 August 2010. First interviews will be held during the European Population Conference (1-3 September in Vienna).

To apply, please send your CV, personal statement as well as names and contact details of two referees to Heike Barakat:


May 25, 2010

CSSRR Sociology–May 25, 2010

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Pew Research Center Data Manager Employment Opportunity: “The data manager is responsible for the acquisition, entry and management of data and metadata for the Pew-Templeton Global Religious Futures (GRF) project. The GRF project aims to increase people’s knowledge of religion around the world through public opinion surveys, demographic analyses and other social science research. The data manager handles all aspects of data management for the GRF Web site, coordinating with the Web, creative, editorial and outside vendor teams.” For more information see:


October 30, 2009

CSSRR Sociology–October 30, 2009

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Office of Population Research at Princeton University Employment Opportunities:

A. “Post Doctoral Research Associate,” (October 2009).

B. “NIH Postdoctoral Fellowship,” (October 2009).


October 20, 2009

CSSRR Economics/Health/Sociology–October 20, 2009

Employment Opportunities: Note: this entry is a “static template.” Click on E. Employment Opportunities, H. Employment Opportunities, or S. Employment Opportunities at any time to access the latest opportunities in the fields.

American Statistical Association: ASA has an employment page that keeps track of the latest opportunities.


Agework.com…: Agework has an employment page that keeps track of the latest opportunities.


American Educational Research Association: AERA has an employment page that keeps track of the latest opportunities.


Chronicle of Higher Education:

CHE has an employment page that keeps track of the latest opportunities


October 19, 2009

CSSRR Health/Sociology–October 19, 2009

US National Center for Health Statistics Employment Opportunity: “Associate Service Fellowship in Demography/Epidemiology: National Survey of Family Growth” (application deadline is Dec. 10, 2009). For more information see:


September 15, 2009

CSSRR Health/Sociology–September 15, 2009

Integrated Public Use Microdata Samples Employment Opportunities: The University of Minnesota IPUMS project has recently announced several employment opportunities (HTML and .pdf format). For more information see:


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