April 27, 2015

CSSRR Economics/Health/Sociology–April 27, 2015

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Inter-University Consortium for Political and Social Research Data Release: ICPSR announced the release of a new datasets on April 26, 2015. Note: Some ICPSR studies are available only to ICPSR member institutions. To find out whether your organization is a member, and whether or not it supports ICPSR Direct downloading, see:


The new releases are linked from:


Click on “New Releases through 2015-04-26” on the left side of the page.

CSSRR Economics/Health–April 27, 2015

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National Bureau of Economic Research Working Papers: NBER has released the following working papers for the weeks of Apr. 27, 2015. Note: check your library for electronic availability.


New papers are: 21112-21123.

Health related: 21114.

CSSRR Sociology–April 27, 2015

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US Department of Health and Human Service, Office of the Assistant Secretary for Planning and Evaluation Report: “Innovation in Monitoring in Early Care and Education (ECE) Settings Options for States,” (April 2015, .pdf format, 46p.).


CSSRR Sociology–April 27, 2015

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Table of Contents: Check your library for print/electronic availability.

Population Studies (Vol. 69, Suppl 1, 2015).


Women, Gender, and Families of Color (Vol. 3, No. 1, Spring 2015).


CSSRR Economics–April 27, 2015

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European Central Bank:


NEW: No. 1785 “A measure of redenomination risk,” by Roberto A. De Santis.

No. 1784 “Policy mandates for macro-prudential and monetary policies in a new Keynesian framework,” by Paul Levine and Diana Lima.

No. 1783 “Monetary and macroprudential policy with foreign currency loans,” by Michal Brzoza-Brzezina, Marcin Kolasa, and Krzysztof Makarski.


Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development Economics Department Working Papers: Note: this is a .pdf format hyperlinked list of papers.


NEW: No. 1201 “Effects of Economic Policies on Microeconomic Stability,” by Boris Cournède, Paula Garda, and Volker Ziemann.

No. 1200 “The 2013 update of the OECD’s database on product market regulation,” by Isabell Koske, Isabelle Wanner, Rosamaria Bitetti, and Omar Barbiero.

No. 1199 “Improving Taxes and Transfers in Australia,” by Philip Hemmings and Annamaria Tuske.

No. 1198 “Federal-State Relations in Australia,” by Vassiliki Koutsogeorgopulou and Annamaria Tuske.

No. 1197 “Sharing the Fruits of Growth with all Mexicans,” by Eduardo Olaberría and Valery Dugain.

No. 1196 “What Makes Mexicans Happy?” by Valery Dugain and Eduardo Olaberria.

No. 1195 “Improving the Labour Market Integration of Immigrants in Belgium,” by Alvaro Pina, Vincent Corluy, and Gerlinde Verbist.

No. 1194 “Raising the Potential of the Domestically Oriented Sector in Germany,” by Andre Eid and Andres Fuentes Hutfilter.

No. 1193 “Improving Transport Infrastructure in Russia,” by Alexander Kolik, Artur Radziwill, and Natalia Turdyeva

No. 1192 “Improving the Business Climate in Russia,” by Artur Radziwill and Yana Vaziakova.

No. 1191 “Determinants of Female Entrepreneurship in India,” by Arnaud Daymard.

No. 1190 “The Changing Role of the Exchange Rate for Macroeconomic Adjustment,” by Patrice Ollivaud, Elena Rusticelli, and Cyrille Schwellnus.

No. 1189 “Boosting Productivity in Russia,” by Lilas Demmou and Andreas Worgotter.

CSSRR Economics–April 27, 2015

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Central Statistics Office/An Phriomh-Oifig Staidrimh Research Paper: “Specific Analysis of the Public/Private Sector Pay Differential for National Employment Survey 2009 & 2010 Data,” by Kevin McCormack and Dr. Mary Smyth (April 2015, .pdf format, p.).


CSSRR Economics–April 27, 2015

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Table of Contents: Check your library for print/electronic availability.

Journal of Development Economics (Vol. 115, July 2015).


Journal of Public Economics (Vol. 125, May 2015).


Quarterly Journal of Economics (Vol. 130, No. 2, May 2015).


RAND Journal of Economics (Vol. 46, No. 2, Summer 2015).


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