December 6, 2012

CSSRR Economics/Sociology–December 6, 2012

US Census Bureau News Releases,  Easy Stats Web Extractor:

A. “Census Bureau Releases American Community Survey Estimates, Most Detailed Portrait of Every U.S. Community” (CB12-228, Dec. 6, 2012).


B. “Census Bureau Reports Increased State Government Revenues and General Expenditures for 2011″ (CB12-231, Dec. 6, 2012). The news release links to a report” “State Government Finances Summary: 2011,” by Cheryl H. Lee, Mara Beleacov, and Nancy Higgins (G11-ASFIN,.pdf format, 10p.), and data (Microsoft Excel and ASCII text format–file format for ASCII text version is in HTML format).


C. “The U.S. Census Bureau has released Easy Stats, an online tool developed to make statistics quicker and easier to access. The interactive tool provides selected demographic and economic statistics from the American Community Survey. Easy Stats allows searching by geography down to the local level, including incorporated places like cities and towns and census designated places. View detailed race, age and gender breakdowns, and compare communities.”


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