March 19, 2014

CSSRR Economics/Health/Sociology–March 19, 2014

US Census Bureau Report, Data Update,  Facts for Features, Website:

A. “2012 Annual Capital Expenditures Survey” (March 2014, HTML and Microsoft Excel format).


B. “2012 Small Area Health Insurance Estimates” (March 2014, ASCII text format, with documentation (.pdf format, 1p.). The data is linked from a Census Bureau news release: “Number of Children Without Health Insurance Declines, While It Rises for Working-Age Adults, Census Bureau Reports” (CB14-42, Mar. 13, 2014).


C. “Facts for Features: Earth Day: April 22, 2014″ (CB14-FF.06, Mar. 12, 2014, HTML and .pdf format, 4p.).


D. “Population Bracketology” (March 2014) “Test your knowledge of population data! Start by choosing your geographic level: metro areas or states. Click on the name in each match-up that you think has the larger population. Green shows a correct answer, red indicates an incorrect answer. When you have opposing names picked for the next round, pick again. See how close you can come to a perfect score of 63. When you are finished, play again or mouse-over results to view the most current population estimates for each pair.”


This is part of a series of Census Bureau data visualizations available at the Census Bureau Data Visualization Gallery:


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