December 13, 2016

CSSRR Health–December 13, 2016

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Kaiser Family Foundation Issue Briefs:

A. “Pre-existing Conditions and Medical Underwriting in the Individual Insurance Market Prior to the ACA,” by Gary Claxton, Cynthia Cox, Anthony Damico, Larry Levitt, and Karen Pollitz (December 2016, .pdf and HTML format, 11p.).


B. “Private Insurance Coverage of Contraception,” by Laurie Sobel, Adara Beamesderfer, and Alina Salganicoff (December 2016, .pdf and HTML format, 9p.).


C. “Improving the Affordability of Coverage through the Basic Health Program in Minnesota and New York,” by Jennifer Tolbert, Larisa Antonisse, and Stan Dorn (December 2016, .pdf and HTML format, 16p.).



Journal of the American Medical Association Articles: Note: The link below is to the table of contents for the current issue of JAMA (Vol. 316, No. 22, December 14, 2016). Check with your organization’s information center for availability.


US County-Level Trends in Mortality Rates for Major Causes of Death, 1980-2014,” by Laura Dwyer-Lindgren, Amelia Bertozzi-Villa, Rebecca W. Stubbs, Chloe Morozoff, Michael J. Kutz, Chantal Huynh, Ryan M. Barber, Katya A. Shackelford, Johan P. Mackenbach, Frank J. van Lenthe, Abraham D. Flaxman, Mohsen Naghavi, Ali H. Mokdad, and Christopher J. L. Murray.


Public Library of Science (PLoS) Article: “Mapping the Prevalence of Physical Inactivity in U.S. States, 1984-2015,” by Ruopeng An, Xiaoling Xiang, Yan Yang, and Hai Yan ( PLoS ONE 11(12): e0168175. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0168175, XML, HTML, and .pdf format, 19p.).


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