December 27, 2016

CSSRR Economics–December 27, 2016

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Federal Reserve Banks:

Federal Reserve Board Finance and Economic Discussion Series:


NEW: 2016-102 “The Volcker Rule and Market-Making in Times of Stress,” by Jack Bao, Maureen O’Hara, and Alex Zhou.

2016-101 “The Effect of Banks’ Financial Position on Credit Growth: Evidence from OECD Countries,” by David E. Rappoport.

2016-100 “Does Hedging with Derivatives Reduce the Market’s Perception of Credit Risk?” by Sriya Anbil, Alessio Saretto, and Heather Tookes.


District 2: Federal Reserve Bank of New York (New York):


NEW: No. 804 “Financial Vulnerability and Monetary Policy,” by Tobias Adrian and Fernando Duarte.


District 4: Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland (Ohio):

Working Papers:


NEW: 16-37 “Predictive Modeling of Surveyed Property Conditions and Vacancy,” by Hal Martin, Isaac Oduro, Francisca Garca-Cobin, April Hirsh, and Stephan Whitaker.

16-36 “Affirmative Action and Racial Segregation,” by Peter L. Hinrichs.

16-35 “Mobility,” by Daniel R. Carroll and Eric Young.

16-33 “The Dotcom Bubble and Underpricing: Conjectures and Evidence,” by Antonio Gledson de Carvalho, Roberto Pinheiro and Joelson Oliveira Sampaio.

16-32 “Fiscal Dominance and US Monetary: 1940–1975,” by Owen F. Humpage.

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