December 30, 2016

CSSRR Economics–December 30, 2016

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Banco de Mexico:


NEW: 2016-23 “Downward Wage Rigidities in the Mexican Labor Market 1996-2011,” by Laura Juárez González and Daniel Casarín de la Cabada.

2016-21 “Price-Setting in Mexico and the Real Effects of Monetary Shocks,” by Federico Kochen.

2016-20 “Changes in Inflation Predictability in Major Latin American Countries,” by Daniel Garcés Díaz.

2016-19 “Insurance Against Local Productivity Shocks: Evidence from Commuters in Mexico,” by Fernando Pérez-Cervantes.


Bank of Canada:

Working Papers:


NEW: Staff Working Paper 2016-60 “Non-Bank Investors and Loan Renegotiations,” by Teodora Paligorova and Joao Santos.

Staff Working Paper 2016-59 “Monetary Policy, Private Debt and Financial Stability Risks,” by Gregory Bauer and Eleonora Granziera.

Staff Working Paper 2016-58 “Equity Option-Implied Probability of Default and Equity Recovery Rate,” by Bo Young Chang and Greg Orosi.

Staff Working Paper 2016-57 “Options Decimalization,” by Faith Chin and Corey Garriott.

Staff Working Paper 2016-56 “Bank Screening Heterogeneity,” by Thibaut Duprey.

Staff Working Paper 2016-55 “Quantitative Easing in a Small Open Economy: An International Portfolio Balancing Approach,” by Serdar Kabaca.

Staff Working Paper 2016-54 “Producer Heterogeneity, Value-Added, and International Trade,” by Patrick Alexander.

Staff Working Paper 2016-53 “Capital Flows to Developing Countries: Is There an Allocation Puzzle?” by Josef Schroth.

Staff Working Paper 2016-52 “Supervising Financial Regulators,” by Josef Schroth.

Staff Working Paper 2016-51 “Firm-Specific Shocks and Aggregate Fluctuations,” by Leonid Karasik, Danny Leung, and Ben Tomlin.

Discussion Papers:


NEW: Staff Discussion Paper 2016-22 “Central Bank Digital Currencies: A Framework for Assessing Why and How,” by Ben Fung and Hanna Halaburda.


Bank of Estonia/Eesti Pank:


NEW: 9/2016 “What are the Triggers for Arrears on Debt? Evidence from Quarterly Panel Data,” by Merike Kukk.


Bank of Greece:


NEW: No. 215 “Inter-industry wage differentials in Greece: rent-sharing and unobserved heterogeneity hypotheses,” by Ursel Baumann and Melina Vasardani.

No. 214 “Self-fulfilling dynamics: the interactions of sovereign spreads, sovereign ratings and bank ratings during the euro financial crisis,” by Heather D. Gibson, Stephen G. Hall and George S. Tavlas.


Bank of Japan:


NEW: 16-E-20 “Estimating Japan’s Gross Domestic Income Based on Taxation Data,” by Hiroyuki Fujiwara and Yasutaka Ogawa.

16-E-19 “Advanced Lending Operations and Credit Risk Assessment Using Purchase Order Information,” by Suguru Yamanaka.

16-E-18 “TIPS: The Trend Inflation Projection System and Estimation Results,” by Koji Takahashi.

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