January 26, 2017

CSSRR Economics–January 26, 2017

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European Central Bank:


NEW: No. 2004 “Mind the output gap: the disconnect of growth and inflation during recessions and convex Phillips curves in the euro area,” by Marco Gross and Willi Semmler.

No. 2003 “Exchange rate pass-through in the euro area,” by Mariarosaria Comunale and Davor Kunovac.

No. 2002 “Changing prices‚Ķ changing times: evidence for Italy,” by Mario Porqueddu and Silvia Fabiani.

No. 2001 “Will US inflation awake from the dead? The role of slack and non-linearities in the Phillips curve,” by Bruno Albuquerque and Ursel Baumann.

No. 2000 “Missing disinflation and missing inflation: the puzzles that aren’t,” by Elena Bobeica and Marek Jarocinski.

No. 1999 “The long-term distribution of expected inflation in the euro area: what has changed since the great recession?” by Jonas Dovern and Geoff Kenny.

No. 1998 “Inflation anchoring in the euro area,” by Christian Speck.

No. 1997 “Tail co-movement in inflation expectations as an indicator of anchoring,” by Filippo Natoli and Laura Sigalotti.

No. 1996 “A new indicator of inflation expectations anchoring,” by Filippo Natoli and Laura Sigalotti.

No. 1995 “Unconventional monetary policy and the anchoring of inflation expectations,” by Matteo Ciccarelli, Juan Angel Garcia, and Carlos Montes-Galdon.

No. 1994 “Trust, but verify. De-anchoring of inflation expectations under learning and heterogeneity,” by Fabio Busetti, Davide Delle Monache,¬†Andrea Gerali, and Alberto Locarno.

No. 1993 “Trade, finance or policies: what drives the cross-border spill-over of business cycles?” by Letizia Montinari and Livio Stracca.

No. 1992 “Pricing of bonds and equity when the zero lower bound is relevant,” by Heinrich Kick.


International Monetary Fund: IMF has recently added new working papers. The papers are No. 17/1 to 17/12.


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