February 21, 2017

CSSRR Economics–February 21, 2017

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Deutsche Bundesbank:


Discussion Paper:

NEW: Discussion paper 2/2017 “Cross-border prudential policy spillovers: How much? How important? Evidence from the international banking research network,” by Claudia M. Buch and Linda Goldberg.

Discussion paper 1/2017 “Will German banks earn their cost of capital?” by Andreas Dombret, Yalin Gunduz and Jorg Rocholl.


Narodowy Bank Polski/National Bank of Poland: The National Bank of Poland has recently released the following working paper:


NEW: 257 “Early warning models of banking crises applicable to non-crisis countries,” by Piotr Banbula and Marcin Pietrzak.

256 “Forecasting with FAVAR: macroeconomic versus financial factors,” by Alessia Paccagnini.

255 “The impact of inflation expectations on Polish consumers’ spending and saving,” by Filip Premik and Ewa Stanislawska.

254 “Economic, institutional and socio-cultural determinants of consumer credit in the context of monetary integration,” by Jakub Borowski, Krystian Jaworski and Jakub Olipra.

253 “Inequality, fiscal policy, and business cycle anomalies in emerging markets,” by Amanda Michaud and Jacek Rothert.


De Nederlandsche Bank:


NEW: 542 “Public capital in the 21st century: As productive as ever?” by Jasper de Jong, Marien Ferdinandusse and Josip Funda.

541 “Hazardous tango: Sovereign-bank interdependencies across countries and time,” by Jack Bekooij, Jon Frost, Remco van der Molen and Krzysztof Muzalewski.

540 “Euro area imbalances,” by Mark Mink, Jan Jacobs and Jakob de Haan.


New Zealand Treasury/Kaitohuntohu Kaupapa Rawa:


NEW: TWP16-09 “Implications of a Sugar Tax in New Zealand: Incidence and Effectiveness,” by Alasdair Gardiner.

TWP16-08 “Evaluation of the Impact of the Youth Service: NEET programme,” by Sylvia Dixon and Sarah Crichton.

TWP16-07 “Evaluation of the Impact of the Youth Service: Youth Payment and Young Parent Payment,” by Keith McLeod, Sylvia Dixon and Sarah Crichton.

TWP16-06 “Sugar Taxes and Changes in Total Calorie Consumption: A Simple Framework,” by John Creedy.

TWP16-05 “Returning to Surplus: New Zealand’s Post-GFC Fiscal Consolidation Experience,” by Dhritidyuti Bose, Renee Philip and Richard Sullivan.

TWP16-04 “Barriers to Generating International Income: Evidence from the Business Operations Survey,” by Lynda Sanderson.


Oesterreichische Nationalbank/National Bank of Austria:


NEW: 212 “The Effectiveness of Unconventional Monetary Policy Announcements in the Euro Area: An Event and Econometric Study,” by Steven Ambler and Fabio Rumle.

211 “Inequality, Perception Biases and Trust,” by Markus Knell and Helmut Stix.

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