February 23, 2017

CSSRR Economics–February 23, 2017

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Federal Reserve Banks:

Federal Reserve Board Finance and Economic Discussion Series:


NEW: 2017-019 “Declining Dynamism, Allocative Efficiency, and the Productivity Slowdown,” by Ryan A. Decker, John Haltiwanger, Ron S. Jarmin, and Javier Miranda.

2017-018 “Macroeconomic Forecasting in Times of Crises,” by Pablo Guerrón-Quintana and Molin Zhong.

2017-017 “Lining Up: Survey and Administrative Data Estimates of Wealth Concentration,” by Arthur B. Kennickell.

2017-016 “ICT Asset Prices: Marshaling Evidence into New Measures,” by David Byrne and Carol Corrado.

2017-015 “ICT Prices and ICT Services: What do they tell us about Productivity and Technology?” by David Byrne and Carol Corrado.

2017-014 “Inter-firm Relationships and Asset Prices,” by Carlos Ramírez.

2017-013 “To Build or to Buy? The Role of Local Information in Credit Market Development,” by Teng Wang.


District 2: Federal Reserve Bank of New York (New York):


NEW: No. 808 “The Behavior of Uncertainty and Disagreement, and their Roles in Economic Prediction: A Panel Analysis,” by Robert Rich and Joseph Tracy.

No. 807 “The Long-Term Financial and Socioeconomic Consequences of Hurricane Katrina,” by Zachary Bleemer and Wilbert van der Klaau.


District 8: Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis (Missouri):


NEW: Working Paper 2017-004A “International Trade and Intertemporal Substitution,” by Fernando Leibovici and Michael E. Waugh.

Working Paper 2017-003A “Aiyagari Meets Ramsey: Optimal Capital Taxation with Incomplete Markets,” by Yunmin Chen, YiLi Chien, and C.C. Yang.


District 9: Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis (Minnesota):

Staff Reports:


NEW: Staff Report 544 “Firm Entry and Exit and Aggregate Growth,” by Jose Asturias, Sewon Hur, Timothy J. Kehoe, and Kim J. Ruhl.

Staff Report 543 “Fiscal Unions Redux,” by Patrick J. Kehoe and Elena Pastorino.


District 11: Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas (Texas):

Globalization Institute Working Papers:


NEW: No. 305 “The Exchange Rate Effects of Macro News after the Global Financial Crisis,” by Yin-Wong Cheung, Rasmus Fatum and Yohei Yamamoto.


District 12: Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco (California):


NEW: Working Paper 2017-05 “Generalized Matching Functions and Resource Utilization Indices for the Labor Market,” by Andreas Hornstein and Marianna Kudlyak.

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