March 16, 2017

CSSRR Economics–March 16, 2017

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Center for Economic Studies [US Census Bureau] Working Paper: CES has announced the release of the following working paper.


NEW: 17-28 “School Accountability and Residential Location Patterns: Evaluating the Unintended Consequences of No Child Left Behind,” by Keren Mertens Horn.

17-27 “Has Falling Crime Invited Gentrification?” by Ingrid Gould Ellen, Keren Mertens Horn & Davin Reed.

17-26 “An Empirical Analysis of Capacity Costs,” by Merle Ederhof, Venky Nagar & Madhav Rajan.

17-25 “Examining Multi-Level Correlates of Suicide by Merging NVDRS and ACS Data,” by David A Boulifard & Bernice A Pescosolido.

17-24 “Earnings Inequality and Mobility Trends in the United States: Nationally Representative Estimates from Longitudinally Linked Employer-Employee Data,”┬áby John M. Abowd & Kevin L. McKinney & Nellie L. Zhao.

17-23 “Are firm-level idiosyncratic shocks important for U.S. aggregate volatility?” by Chen Yeh.

17-22 “Multinationals Offshoring, and the Decline of U.S. Manufacturing,” by Christoph E. Boehm, Aaron Flaaen, & Nitya Pandalai-Nayar.

17-21 “Brighter Prospects? Assessing the Franchise Advantage using Census Data,” by Francine Lafontaine, Marek Zapletal & Xu Zhang.

17-20 “The Effects of Occupational Licensing Evidence from Detailed Business-Level Data,” by Marek Zapletal.


European Central Bank:


NEW: No. 2038 “Stagnation traps,” by Gianluca Benigno and Luca Fornaro.

No. 2037 “The time dimension of the links between loss given default and the macroeconomy,” by Tomas Konecny, Jakub Seidler, Aelita Belyaeva, and Konstantin Belyaev.

No. 2036 “Fiscal reaction function and fiscal fatigue: evidence for the euro area,” by Cristina Checherita-Westphal and Vaclav Zdarek.

No. 2035 “Safe assets: a review,” by Pascal Golec and Enrico Perotti.

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