December 3, 2009

CSSRR Economics–December 3, 2009

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World Central Bank Working Papers

Bank of Canada:


NEW: 2009-32 “Optimal Monetary Policy during Endogenous Housing-Market Boom-Bust Cycles,” by Hajime Tomura.


Bank of England:


NEW: No. 378 “Do supermarket prices change from week to week?” by Colin Ellis.

No 377 “International spillover effects and monetary policy activism,” by Anna Lipinska, Morten Spange and Misa Tanaka.


Banco de Mexico:


NEW: 2009-14 “A Note on the Predictive Content of PPI over CPI Inflation: The Case of Mexico,” by Sidaoui José Julián, Capistrán Carlos, Chiquiar Daniel, and Ramos Francia Manuel.

2009-13 “An Unbiased Estimator of the Variance of Simple Random Sampling Using Mixed Random-Systematic Sampling,” by Padilla Alberto.

2009-12 “Endowments, Fiscal Federalism, and the Cost of Capital for States: Evidence from Brazil, 1891-1930,” by Martínez André and Musacchio Aldo.


Latvijas Banka/


NEW: 4/2009 “Advantages of Fixed Exchange Rate Regime from a General Equilibrium Perspective,” by Viktors Ajevskis and Kristine Vitola.

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