December 28, 2009

CSSRR Health, Sociology–December 28, 2009

Population Reference Bureau Online Video, Article:

A. “Distilled Demographics: Addressing Population Myths,” (December 2009, running time 9:13). Note: “In this video, PRB senior demographer Carl Haub addresses common population myths.

Myth 1: There was no population growth problem in the 1960s and 1970s.
Myth 2: The world’s population is not growing and today’s problem is low birth rates.
Myth 3: Europe will be predominately Muslim by 2050.”


B. “Retirement States in U.S. See Slower Growth,” by Mark Mather (December 2009).


C. “Four Scenarios for U.S. Population Growth,” by Mark Mather (December 2009).


D. “Premature Births Help Explain Higher U.S. Infant Mortality Rate,” by Mary Mederios Kent (December 2009).


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