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ICRISAT Burkina Faso farm-level studies, 1981-1985.

CA-515-001-1-1-Burkina Faso-CDS-1981

Media Number: 7058

Media Type: CD-ROM

Media Format: High Sierra/ISO 9660 compatible

Date Purchased: 4/1/2000

Date Written: 4/24/2000

Comments: Dupicate copy of DP7057. It contains ICRISAT Burkina Faso farm level studies.

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1 ICRISAT . 0 ICRISAT Burkina Faso Farm-level studies files
  Comments: This is a dummy file record for all 155 files on this CD-ROM. Please refer to Section 1.5 Data file conventions and Section 2 Contents of data files in the codebook for details about data files.