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American Catholic priesthood survey, 1971.

QJ-005-001-2-1-United States-DPLS-1971

Media Number: 7394

Media Type: CD-Rom

Media Format: zip files

Internal Label: DP7394

Date Written: 9/8/2009

Comments: 52 studeis in zip format are stored in this CD-Rom. They are copied from DP7296 (one study), DP7290 (37 studies), DP7294 (11studies), DP7298 (one study), DP7029(duplicate copy DP7304, one study) and DP7306(one study). See DP7395 for a duplicate copy.

Position Filename Logical
Block Size Cards per
Number of
Size File
35 QJ-005-001-2-1.ZIP 0 0 1 0 0 It only contains the four documented data files from the 1971 priesthood study.