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Census of population and housing, 1970 [United States]: fourth count summary tape.

AC-025-001-2-1-United States-GeoLytics-1970

Media Number: 7023

Media Type: CD-ROM

Internal Label: CCD1970backup

Date Written: 1/21/2003

Comments: This is a backup copy for DP7022, CensusCD 1970 Release 2.0. It contains GeoLytics user interface for accessing fourth count public use summary tape files from 1970 Census of population and housing.

Position Filename Logical
Block Size Cards per
Number of
Size File
1 CCD1970 . 0 1970 fourth count summary tape files for housing and population.
  Comments: This is a dummy entry for all the files on this CensusCD, 1970, Release 2.0.