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Current population survey, May 1976: job seeking activities of the unemployed.

AH-005-005-1-1-United States-USCEN-1976

Media Number: 7396

Media Type: CD-Rom

Media Format: zip files

Internal Label: DP7396

Date Written: 9/8/2009

Comments: 120 zip files are written to this CD-Rom. They are copied from DP7030 (DP7305, 4 files), DP7028 (DP7303, 2 files), DP7312 (DP7313, 113 files) and DP7243 (DP7307, 1 file). Its duplicate copy is DP7397.

Position Filename Logical
Block Size Cards per
Number of
Size File
3 AH-005-005-1-1.ZIP 0 0 1 0 0 WinZip archve
  Comments: This archive only contains a SPSS statement file for this study. See DP7249 or DP7250 for the data file.